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Babraham Bioinformatics

Location: Just outside Cambridge, UK.
Name/Title: Simon Andrews
Links: Babraham Bioinformatics Public site

Babraham Institute Site
Group size:
4 Permanent Staff. 3 Bioinformaticians and 1 Statistician.
3 Grant Supported Bioinformaticians. 1 commercial partner bioinformatician
The Babraham Institute is a government funded academic research institute. We have around 400 research scientists in around 10 major laboratories.
We support a wide variety of tools in all areas of bioinformatics. We are a mixed computing environment so most things we support are cross platform. Where possible we use existing tools but we develop our own where necessary.
Pertinent hardware info:
Our main compute cluster is a 256 node ROCKS linux cluster running grid engine and using environment modules to manage software. Our storage is mostly Isislon storage clusters and we have around 1PB of total storage
Training: We offer a wide variety of courses covering all aspects of bioinformatics to both our own scientists and outside groups. Most of our training material is made available on our training web site. Bioinformatics support model:
We are an open door service available to all researchers on site and also to external groups both academic and commerical.
Funding model:
We are self-supporting via chargebacks to our users