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Babraham Bioinformatics

Just outside Cambridge, UK.
Name/Title: <a href="">Simon Andrews</a>
<a href="">Babraham Bioinformatics Public site</a>

<a href="">Babraham Institute Site</a>
Group size:
4 permanent staff. 3 bioinformaticians and 1 statistician.
The Babraham Insitute is a government funded academic research institute. We have around 400 research scientists in around 10 major laboratories.
We support a wide variety of tools in all areas of bioinformatics. We are a mixed computing environment so most things we support are cross platform. Where possible we use existing tools but we develop our own where necessary.
Pertinent hardware info:
We have 6 main servers, all running linux. These provide many different bioinformatics and database services both to the group and to the scientisits on site.
We offer a full training programme to our scientists. All courses are short (half day or less) and are written and presented in house. Our current course list is:

  • Sequence analysis with VectorNTI
  • Effective database searching
  • Exploring Ensembl
  • Making use of comparative genomics
  • Running and analysing microarray experiments
  • Sequence assembly using Staden
  • Statistical analysis using SPSS
  • Using the bioinformatics tools at NCBI
  • Viewing protein 3D structures using Deep View
  • Learning to program with Perl (8 week course)

Bioinformatics support model:
We are an open door service available to all researchers on site.
Funding model:
We are self-supporting via chargebacks to our users

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