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       Monika Wood, M.S.
       R&D Bioinformatics
       Promega Corporation
       2800 Woods Hollow Rd.
       Madison, WI 53711
       Tel: (608) 274-4330
       Fax: (608) 277-2601

Bioinformatics Group:

       Staff: 1 (myself, since 2001)
       Client base: ~ 90 R&D scientists (working in reagent development)
       Areas of support:
               Sequence analysis (training, consulting)
               In silico design of synthetic sequences (consulting, service)
               Molecular modeling and visualization (service)
               Identification and evaluation of tools and resources for special project needs (consulting, service)
               Maintenance of website with links to internal and external tools and resources
       In-house tools supported: 
              Vector NTI Suite, Insight II
       On-line tools licensed: 
              Transfac database (Biobase), GEMS (Genomatix)
       Hardware: 1 SGI Octane (IRIX), 1 Sun Ultra 5 (Solaris), all scientists have PCs (Windows)
       Funding for staff: permanent employee
       Funding for new tools: R&D budget; becoming a serious problem due to outrageous licensing fees
       Training: currently on-demand; formal plan needs to be developed soon

Personal Interests:

       Biomolecular engineering, directed evolution
       Protein structure/function, molecular modeling
               "Current Techniques in Protein & Genetic Engineering" course at BTCI (,
               "Molecular Genetics" course at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Course offerings:

       Promega's private non-profit foundation ( offers Bioinformatics courses organized by Jeff Blanchard of NCGR (former post-doc at Promega).