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Location: Boston and Cambridge MA, USA

Partners HealtCare Systems

  • Consisting of Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Brigham and Womens Hospital
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Mclean Hospital
  • Spaulding Rehab Hospital
  • + 7 regional hospitals

Name/Title: Brent G. Richter, Director:

  • Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Systems (ERIS)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital & Brigham and Womens Hospital Site Research IT Services
  • Bioinformatics, Harvard Medical School/Partners Healthcare Cencter for Gentics and Genomics


Group size: Diverse:

  • 3 bioinformatician developers
  • 3 Systems Engineers/administrators
  • 1 Scientific Support Specialist/informatician
  • 1 DBA/ DB developer
  • 3 Site (MGH and BWH) senior support specialists
  • 6 Site Infrastructure Technicians

Environment: Diverse:

  • Linux, Windows, HPC clusters, Massive Storage, Internal Cloud, Oracle, Open DB's, Application support, web hosting

Tools: Sequencing, next-gen instruments, proteomics, protein folding, R, SAS, everything in public domain.

Pertinent hardware info: Mainly HP, Sun, some dell, vanilla boxes, Cisco, IB


Bioinformatics support model: Research-grade SLA's, support pipelines and tools as they can be applied to HPC environment (linux and windows clusters, Large shared-memory machines, web hosted pipelines, etc.