ISMB 2008: BoF on best practices in running bioinformatics cores

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This in-person session has held during the annual ISMB meeting in Toronto Canada. There was great interest in this topic with many individuals, departements and universities beginning core services. Please find presentations below.

Running a Bioinformatics Core Facility

Organizer: Fran Lewitter


We have met annually since 2002 and have participated in conference calls since ISMB/ECCB 2007. Today's meeting will address best practices for running a bioinformatics core facility and will include short talks from people from different types of facilities - universities (public and private), research institutes, and industry. Ample time will be allotted for discussion.


1) David Sexton - Vanderbilt U - mid-sized private university 2) Dawei Lin - UC Davis - large state university 3) Simon Andrews - The Babraham Institute - small research Institute in the UK 4) Steve Jennings - University of Arkansas at Little Rock - academic NIH funded Bioinformatics core 5) Michael Rebhan - Novartis - industry