ISMB 2008: BoF on next-gen sequencing

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ISMB2008 BoF: Next-Generation Sequencing: An Introduction and Practical Aspects of Running a Core

Organizer: David Sexton
This in-person session was held during the annual ISMB meeting in Toronto Canada. This one hour BoF attracted much interest from the community and consisted of 4 talks and a panel discussion. Please find slide decks below.


This session is geared towards support issues related to next gen sequencing and will include short talks on how to set up the infrastructure, LIMs systems for handling the data, and software tools for working with the data. Ample time will be allotted for discussion.


  • 1) Hemant Kelkar - University of North Carolina - setting up the infrastructure - has 4 to 5 months experience
  • 2) Dawei Lin - UC Davis - LIMs based system for cores
  • 3) David Sexton - Vanderbilt U - software suite from UCLA (postponed for panel discussion session)
  • 4) Laxman Iyer - Tufts U - report from next-gen sequencing SIG