ISMB 2008: BoF on next-gen sequencing

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ISMB2008 BoF: Next-Generation Sequencing: An Introduction and Practical Aspects of Running a Core

Organizer: David Sexton

This in-person session has held during the annual ISMB meeting in Toronto Canada. This one hour BoF attracted much interest from the community and consisted of 4 talks and a panel discussion. Please find slide decks below.


  • 1) Hemant Kelkar - University of North Carolina - setting up the infrastructure - has 4 to 5 months experience
  • 2) Dawei Lin - UC Davis - LIMs based system for cores
  • 3) David Sexton - Vanderbilt U - software suite from UCLA (postponed for panel discussion session)
  • 4) Laxman Iyer - Tufts U - report from next-gen sequencing SIG