ISMB 2009: Workshop on Post Analysis of NGS Data

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Organizer: David Sexton, Director, Research Informatics Core, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN

This in-person session was held during the annual ISMB meeting in Stockholm Sweden as a workshop. Please find presentations below.


Bioinformatics core facilities have developed infrastructure to manage the flow of next-gen sequencing experiments. Standard analysis of short read sequence includes image analysis, basecalling, and alignment to a reference genome. What value-added service could be offered post-alignment to put the sequence into biological context? For those with experience what questions are your end users asking about the data they are receiving from next-gen sequencing? What software or hardware is necessary to properly analyze this data? Are these analyses similar or are they custom for each project?


Blogs of the Session

  • (Oliver Hofman) [1]
  • ISMB/ECCB workshop on Freindfeed [2]

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