ISMB 2009: Workshop on Setting priorities in cores facilities

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Organizer/Moderator: Simon Andrews, Head, Bioinformatics Department, Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK

This in-person session was held during the annual ISMB meeting in Stockholm Sweden as a Workshop. There was great interest in this topic with many individuals, departments and universities beginning core services. Please find presentations below.


What is the best use of a core’s capabilities? Successful bioinformatics core facilities have more requests than can be handled by the available staff. What are the strategies core facilities use to prioritize requests? What is a reasonable time for someone to wait for completion of a project? Does it work to outsource some projects to consultants? What types of projects are appropriate to outsource? What projects should the scientists do for themselves? What projects should be handled by the core? These and additional questions will be discussed during this session.

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