ISMB 2011: Workshop on Practical Aspects of Running a Core Facility

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Many core facilities will face the same practical problems in their day to day operations. These problems will often not be related to the scientific side of the facility but are simple logistical problems relating to how to run a facility. This workshop is intended to stimulate discussion on the practical aspects which affect everyone running a core facility.


  • Fran Lewitter (Moderator), Whitehead, USA
  • Matthew Eldridge, Cancer Research UK, "(Don't have the exact title)"

Matt's facility at CRUK is in the process of moving from a funded to a cost-recovery model. He was therefore able to present an interesting talk detailing some of the data he had collected in the course of this transition. He made a strong case for the collection of a number of different metrics by which a core facility can be measures, and which could be monitored to assess the work of a facility. He showed some data from the initial period following the introduction of charging in his facility and asked for experiences from the audience about how charging had affected the type or volume of work which had come into their facility.

Simon's talk outlined his views about the type of work which a core facility is best placed to undertake and provided observations about how this can best be managed. These ranged from the organisation of projects and the monitoring of work to the structure and progression of careers within the facility.