ISMB 2011 Workshop Call

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This call was posted to the bioinfo-core mailing list by [ Brent G. Richter on Feb 8.

Request for speakers: ISMB 2011 Vienna, workshop sessions

Dear bioinfo-core community:

Thanks to your feedback, we have identified two broad session topics for the workshop at ISMB 2011 in Vienna July 15 to 19th (roughly). Workshop proposals are due this Friday and we ask for your feedback on the topics and request short speaker proposals if you desire to present within one of the sessions. Please provide proposals by Thursday to myself or one of the co-organizers (Fran Lewitter, Simon Andrews or David Sexton).

Topic 1: Analysis Pipelines for NGS--the school of hard knocks

A major goal of the bioinformatics core facility is to deliver high-quality data and tools to the researcher. In NGS workflows, core facilities deliver both default data from analysis pipelines as well as allow investigators to use those pipelines directly. However, there can be major issues in doing so. This topic will explore the pitfalls by focusing on what information is missed by relying on standard pipelines only. How can one actually get it wrong by delivering only the results of a standard pipeline? What is the value of the intermediate data that you may not look at but if you do, there can be some rather interesting finds? Time and value can be in conflict in these situations as in-depth QA/QC of data beyond standard pipelines.

Topic2: Management of Core Facilities

We will explore different business models of bioinformatics core facilities and their setup including business models, recharging, funding, staff retention, and performance evaluations and metrics. This is a topic we have discussed throughout the years, but continues to be of high interest.