ISMB 2013: BioinfoCoreWorkshop

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The ISMB Bioinfo Core Workshop call proposal can be found at [1]


The 2013 ISMB meeting will be held 19 - 23 July in Berlin, Germany. The bioinfo-core workshop will again be 2 hours, split into two one hour topics. Within each topic we plan 2- 3 short talks (~10 mins each) by members of the group to introduce, provide an instance or problem area of the topic, followed by an interactive panel discussion with all workshop participants where the topic area will be further explored.

Read through prior workshops tweets by searching #WK3 or #BICORE at You will get more specific hits through searching on #WK3 #ISMB.

As in previous years we have aimed to have one topic mostly focused on science and analysis, and another which focuses on the technical aspects of running a core facility.

Introduction to the Workshop by TBD

  • New Organizing Members and Nominations to the bioinfo-core organizing committee

Topic 1 (science):



Topic 2 (Business):



Speaker Notes