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Ongoing Discussion for Bioinformatics Core Facilities

Please enter information about your core facility on the <a href="">Bioinfo-core main page</a>.

To get started, create a New Account and then edit the main page to add a link for your core facility. To create a new page, edit the page from which you'd like to link to the new page and add a new wiki tag (the new page name enclosed in square brackets) for the new page. Hit save, then the tag you added will display as underlined with a question mark next to it. Click the question mark to create that page. Save that page and you should be all set.

Tools popular with biologists

This is a list of the tools that were mentioned in our discussion on "bioinformatics for the biologists" on Feb 4th, 2008.

Microarray data retrieval and basic analysis

Structure visualization and basic analysis

Visualizing molecular interaction networks and integrating these interactions with gene expression profiles and other state data

Pipeline Tools

Looking for collaborations in Rosetta Resolver training

The National Institute of Biotechnology is experimenting with Rosetta in setting up a national test-bed for bioinformatics software. As a part of this collaboration, we are trying to develop a training strategy that would allow researchers, both industry and academia, figure out the value of Resolver for their research with minimal training.

We are looking for someone interested in developing together training material for people who understand microarray analysis, at least the basics of it, and wish to get rapidly started with Resolver.

Eitan Rubin, <a href=""></A>

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