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* [[ISMB 2011 Workshop Call]]
* [[ISMB 2011 Workshop Call]]
* ISMB 2010 Workshop [[Call Minutes]] page
* ISMB 2010 Workshop [[Call Minutes]] page
* Include [http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23BICORE #BICORE] in your [http://twitter.com/ tweets] for the Core community.   
* Include [http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23BioInfoCore #BioInfoCore] in your [http://twitter.com/ tweets] for the Core community.   
* Numerous new additions to the community portal
* Numerous new additions to the community portal

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Welcome to the bioinfo-core's wiki!

We thank ISCB for hosting and maintaining this wiki.

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Bioinfo-core is a worldwide body of people that manage or staff bioinformatics facilities within organizations of all types including academia, academic medical centers, medical schools, biotechs and pharmas. Through this wiki and our online discussion lists we discuss many topics that are challenging bioinformatics cores world wide: from IT, new instrumentation, staffing and training bioinformaticians, tools, software, to services for biologists and MD's.

We hold several events throughout the year including quarterly conference calls (with published Call Minutes) and a yearly set of informal presentations and dinners at the annual meeting, Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology (ISMB), the official conference of ISCB

Please browse, add and participate in the wiki and the discussion lists. To edit the wiki, create a New Account and then edit the Community Portal to add a link for your core facility and its description.

Wiki page links

  • Call Minutes: Annual meetings at ISMB with presenations; Detailed minutes from quarterly conference calls on selected and pertinent topics.
  • Community Portal: list your organization!
  • Ongoing Discussions: discussion forums including lists of software, tools, etc.
  • Special:Categories: find pages using categories such as Tools, Presentations, NextGenSequencing, Meetings etc.

Bioinfo-core Member Publications relevant to core facilities