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Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Data Scientist with extensive interdisciplinary and international experience

10+ years' experience in big data analysis, pipeline development, data visualization, web development using computational biology, statistics and machine learning methodology.

Specialties: • Languages: Python, Perl, R, HTML/HTML5, PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Shell scripting, C/C++, Octave

• Big Data: Next generation sequencing, Statistical and bioinformatics data analysis, Machine learning algorithms

• High-throughput Assays: Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C)-based techniques, ChIPseq, RNAseq, Single-cell RNAseq

• Software systems and databases: MySQL, Oracle, SVN, Git, Django

• Other: Unix/Linux, Vector Graphics/illustrations, High performance cluster computing (HPCC), cloud computing (AWS)