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I direct the bioinformatics core at the University of Virginia. Originally trained in molecular biology, I obtained my PhD in computational genetics and my MS in statistics and did a short postdoc in epidemiology. I provide expert bioinformatics consulting services, working closely in the experimental design and analysis of genome-scale research, including studies of differential gene expression, protein phosphorylation, protein-DNA binding, DNA methylation, and DNA variation.

I'm interested in finding clever ways to use statistics and bioinformatics to better utilize data from genetic studies, biobanks, and electronic health records to enable personalized medicine through novel discoveries in genome-scale data.

I'm also a registered United States patent agent with an interest in technology management.

Specialties: Bioinformatics, project leadership, high-throughput genomics, genetic epidemiology, computational genetics, method development, next-generation sequencing, gene-gene/gene-environment interaction, intellectual property and technology management.