18th Discussion-16 Oct 2015

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how to record work

This topic arose during the BioInfo-Core workshop at ISMB 2015. This is a very broad topic covering stuff from project management to individual job recording.

some major points we hope to cover:

- how do record your personal work

- how do you keep track of the work done in a collaboration (with a wet-lab)

- how do you track projects in your group / how do you prevent duplication

further points (probably overlapping with stuff discussed above)

- ELN systems (commercial / open source)

- recording analysis with knitr, sweave, ipython, galaxy, others?

- reproducibility

- data management

You might also want to read this recent PLOS Comp. Biol. Ten Simple Rules paper:

Santiago Schnell

Ten Simple Rules for a Computational Biologist's Laboratory Notebook

PLOS Comp. Biol., Published: September 10, 2015


BioInfo-Core event 2016

We would like to follow up on a suggestion made at ISMB

- bigger event? (i.e. longer than the usual half-day ISMB workshop)

- outside of ISMB? (if yes, is there another conference we can piggyback? or stand-alone?)

- any volunteers to organize such an event?

- additional 'local' meetings? e.g. BioInfo-Core-Centraleurope, BioInfo-Core-Eastcoast, etc