7th Discussion-5 October 2009

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Transcript of Minutes

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Brief Description and Continuing Discussion (please edit in line):

Chip-Seq analysis tools and methods (led by David Sexton)

Chip-Seq is an active and growing area for bioinformatics core facilities. This 35-40 minute discussion will address and solicit from the participants: What types of experiments are being run? What applications (RNAseq, bisulfide-seq, medip) are prevalent? What tools/software has been utilized and which ones are found to be of value for a core facility--in peak finding, comparisons, etc?

Desktop sequence analysis software (Led by Simon Andrews)

This ever-present necessity does not diminish for the day-to-day sequence analysis needs of a lab. This 15 minute discussion will ask the questions: what are labs and cores using for creation of primers, vectors, restriction maps? In a market environment where vendor-supported products are continually in flux--VectorNTI, CLCBio--what options are available in the custom-built, academic environment or in stable vendor-supported options?