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Location: Dresden, Germany

Name/Title: MPI-CBG Scientific Computing Facility (Bioinformatics, Scientific Software Development, BioImage Informatics)


Group size: We are seven people (1x Facility Leader, 2x bioinformaticians, 2x software developers and 2x BioImage Informaticians)

Environment: Academic Research Environment

Pertinent hardware info: We have access to our own HPC resources in house:

  • Cluster Overview
    • No. of Physical nodes 44
    • CPU Intel Xeon E5-2640 @ 2.50 GHz
    • Memory Size 128GB
    • No. of Physical CPUs in a node 2
    • No. of Cores in a node 12 (2 x hexacores)
    • Total No. of Cores 480
    • 4 GPU nodes equipped with NVidia M2090 Tesla GPU accelerator (Fermi architecture)
    • 200TB Lustre Filesystem

Training: We are a member of the software carpentry project and offer training using this material. We also offer training in image analysis with Fiji/ImageJ and biological data analysis using R/Bioconductor

Bioinformatics support model: We are open to internal and external customers and recharge for our services