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My group provides support for scientific computing research at UMass Medical School. This includes support for high performance computing on our cluster, database and application development, as well as support for biostatistics and bioinformatics. Current projects are development and support for high throughput sequencing pipelines, application management and training for the HPC cluster, consulting and support for microarray and ChIP analysis, development and support for laboratory management systems, and custom program development.

I develop desktop interfaces to bioinformatic tools, mostly using web technology. These involve server-side applications using perl,python, C/C++, as well as client-side applications with JAVA. The BioTools project which brings together many resources, one of which is the EMBOSS software suite, to provide support for the biomedical researchers and core facilities at UMass Medical School.

I have a faculty appointment in Cell Biology and teach a Translational Bioinformatics course.